introduction mindfulness classes

mixing mindfulness and movement into your busy lifestyle


Grow into mindfulness...

                    Mindfulness is more than being relaxed: it is a process of attention and growth towards a more focused and aware lifestyle.  

mindset matters

Being Mindful... it's something we have now heard over and over... but what does it really mean? 

Mindfulness and all of it's benefits, will not become apparent until you have really engaged with it - practiced it. 

Like everything, it just keeps getting better and better, the more that you engage "being aware" with real attention  - on purpose. 

The more you learn, the more you will notice, how your practice is also affecting other areas of your life. Mindfulness spills over, in the best of ways. Allowing you more patience and the ability to see everything just a bit more clearly, through your own eyes. Yes, it's worth the time & effort. 

peace (out) practice

To begin a mindfulness practice, one attribute (within your own personality) can really come in handy... Curiosity!

If you have a true interest and would like to apply it towards mindfulness learning and application into your everyday life - this is a wonderful place to start. 

Deb Walsh is a patient and enthusiastic teacher who can meet - children teens and adults - wherever they are at, on their mindfulness journey. 

Her unique blend of movement, music and attentiveness is what sets her apart as a teacher and meditation instructor.