mixing mindfulness and movement into your busy lifestyle



It's nice to meet you...

 Deb Walsh has always been interested in helping children and families. 

In 2004 she founded a centralized regional website for busy parents, within the San Diego area: SanDiegoParent.com. Years later, upon moving to the Los Angeles area, she began her mindfulness journey by attending the UCLA MARC program. 

Deb then studied under Susan Kaiser Greenland, author of The Mindful Child and “Mindful Games”, who is a international leader in teaching mindfulness to children, teens, and families. Deb is a graduate of Susan’s 2012 Inner Kids Facilitator Training Course. It was during this time of working with Susan, that Deb cultivated an activity-approach to mindfulness, by mixing in both movement and music. 

To encourage movement in her teaching, Deb received her certificate to teach children’s yoga from Jodi Komitor of Next Generation Yoga and has incorporated mindful movements into all of her trainings. She has grown in her mindfulness practice by attending retreats and educational conferences over the years at Omega Institute, Alliant University, Tergar and also a retreat on mindful eating with Dr. Jan Chozen Bays. 

Deb has taught teacher trainings for mindfulness instruction and also Intro classes at high schools in the greater San Diego area. She also conducts private sessions with children & families in both Scottsdale, AZ and San Diego, CA. She will be the first to tell you - that each day is a new day to begin your practice again - and that's exactly what she does. 

Deb recommends approaching mindfulness in your own unique way, allowing YOU to mix it into your busy everyday life, at your own tempo. 


Mindful Movement

Highly recommended: 

Mindful Hikes & taking a moment to pause with a friend! 


Mind-Fitness can be Flexed anywhere...

Even a 10th grade classroom! Deb asked the students to turn away from others, for some quiet time, to learn about the building blocks of mindfulness - and to experience their first guided meditation.